Rental conditions Andaluz Apartments

Check-in and check-out:

Check-in is possible from 3pm.
Check-out is possible until 10am.
Whenever possible Andaluz Apartments will be flexible in case of early arrival or late departure.
For a check out after 12pm we will charge €35.

Smoking and pets:
Smoking and pets are not allowed. If it is found that these rules are not complied with, an additional €100 cleaning fee will be charged and we reserve the right to refuse you access to the apartment. There is no right to a refund of any unused vacation days.

The payment of a deposit (€150) is mandatory (a different deposit applies for stays from November
1st to April 1st of each year due to electricity costs, see below at Note). The deposit must be paid in advance at the same time as the cost of the stay. If no damage (or loss) has been found to the house, household contents and linen, the deposit will be refunded to you within 7 days after check-out on the account number you have booked from or the credit card used. The apartment will be cleaned and checked at the same time after your departure, so unfortunately it is not possible to repay the deposit in cash at the time of check-out.

Upon confirmation of your reservation, you will receive a booking confirmation from us as soon as possible. You are requested to pay the total costs in 2 installments. A first payment (50%) must be in our possession within 7 days from the date stated on the booking confirmation. The remainder (50%) must be paid at the latest within 6 weeks before your arrival. In case of too late payment of your reservation, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation without refunding the payments you have previously made.

The total rental price includes:
– the rent of the apartment
– the kitchen, bed and bath linen
– (normal) consumption of water and electricity (only from April to October)
– air conditioning: 105kW per week free from 1 April to 31 October. Above of the mentioned quantities for the air conditioning €0.45 per KW is charged.

Note: electricity is not included in the rental during the winter season from November 1st to April 1st each year. We provide our guests with 225kW per 30 days (7,5 kW per day) for free. The costs for the additional consumption are €0,45 per kW. There is a kWh meter in the apartment so you can check your consumption. The costs of the additional consumption will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit for the electricity is €1,75 per day for the 2-bedroom apartments and €2,25 per day for the 3- and 4-bedroom apartments. Gas bottles are not included in the rental price.

Cancellation is possible. You can cancel free of charge if you cancel more than 3 months before arrival. In case of cancellation more than 6 weeks before arrival you will owe 50% of the total rental price. In case of cancellation within 6 weeks before arrival you will be charged the total rental price. Earlier departure from your apartment does not entitle (partial) refund of the rent. If you cancel your reservation, €35 administration fee will be charged. There is no right to a refund of the total travel sum if you are unable to travel to Spain and/or your apartment due to force majeure such as natural disasters, diseases, viruses, etc. If this situation occurs within 6 weeks before the arrival of your stay, the obligation to pay the full travel sum remains. We advise you to take out a good travel and/or cancellation insurance.

Maximum occupancy:
Andaluz Apartments is registered with the Junta de Andalucía. Our apartments have been checked and approved for the maximum number of guests mentioned in the apartment description. In order to avoid a fine, issues with insurance in case of calamities and the possible loss of our license, we will unfortunately be obligated to deny the extra persons access to the apartment when the maximum number of persons allowed is exceeded.

Cleaning Service:
The apartment will be delivered clean upon arrival. During your stay it will not be cleaned. When you stay in the apartment for 8 nights or more, the bed linen is changed for you (except for the long stay winter guests).

Our apartments are provided with bed linen, bath linen and kitchen linen on arrival. W kindly request you to handle this with care so the next guests also have clean and fresh linen. It is not allowed to take the linen outside. We will charge for any non-removable stubborn stains on the linen such as bleach, make up, hair dye, tanning cream, tattoo stains, nail polish, felt pen, suntan oil or blood stains, because the linen will no longer be usable.

The costs are:
• duvet cover € 15,00
• sheet / matrass protector € 10,00
• big towel € 7,50
• small towel / bath matt / pillow cover € 5,00
• small kitchen towel € 2,50
• sofa cover € 45,00

The complex (MDN01, MDN02, MDN03, MDN04, MDN05, MDN06, MDN07, TOR01, TOR04, andTOR05) offers covered parking space which you can use free of charge. You can park a maximum of one car per apartment in the appropriate place.

The TOR01 car park is suitable for small to medium-sized family cars because of the pillars in the garage. 

Communal Swimming pool:
The complex (MDN01, MDN02, MDN03, MDN04, MDN04, MDN05, MDN06, MDN07, TOR01, TOR04, TOR05 and Laguna) has a communal swimming pool. You may use it free of charge. Use of the swimming pool is at your own risk. All swimming pools are seasonal, opening and closing dates are determined by the community.

Apartment LAGUNA has a heated covered pool which can used in winter time. 

Travel and cancellation Insurance:
We advise all our guests to take out travel and cancellation insurance in case of calamities.

Check out:
If you wish, you will be personally greeted on the day of check-out. When you leave before 10am we will say goodbye to you the day before. It is not necessary to pick up the beds, wash towels or clean the apartment. However, we kindly ask you to empty the apartment (do not leave any waste, food or beverages, no garbage bags with waste). In the immediate vicinity of the apartment you will find containers where you can easily deposit your waste. If the staff of Andaluz Apartments has to dispose your waste, you may be charged a fee. These costs amount to €15 per garbage bag.

Andaluz Apartments is not responsible or liable for any accidents, injuries or illnesses occurring during your stay in or around the apartment. Andaluz Apartments is also not responsible or liable for the loss of personal belongings or valuables.

Tourist license:
Andaluz Apartments is registered with the Junta de Andalucía under the numbers A/MA/01388, A/MA/01504 and VFT/MA/57062 and in the possession of the required “Libro de quejas”.

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