Extra services

As our guest, we would like to fulfill all your needs. We therefore offer you the following additional services. Would you like to make use of our extra services, please mention them under “requirements” on the reservation form.

extra services

Taxi service:

If you are not in possession of a car we can arrange transport to and from Malaga Airport for you. The costs are € 80 per single ride (standard taxi, max. 4 persons and 4 suit cases). Minibus €110 single ride.

Intermediate cleaning:

An intermediate cleaning is possible during each stay, regardless of the length of your stay. At an intermediate cleaning also the kitchen, bed and bath linen will be replaced. The cost of an intermediate cleaning is € 60 and will be performed at a convenient time.

Shopping Package:

In collaboration with Foodstore Andaluz (a supermarket with Dutch products in the Centre of Nerja) we can arrange that there will be a shopping package in the apartment on your day of arrival. We can offer you the following packages:

Welcome Kit/breakfast (€ 19,00)

–  fresh Dutch bread (white, brown or dark)
–  case with eggs (6)
–  package spread butter
–  pot with marmalade
–  sliced cheese
–  1.5 liters of water
–  filter coffee + filter bag
–  single-serve cups coffee milk
–  sugar cubes
–  orange juice

Welcome Pack/evening (€ 14,00)

–  bottle of wine (white, red or rosé)
–  bottle of cola
–  2 cans Málaga beer
–  Dutch cheese cubes
–  1.5 liters of water
–  nibble nuts

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